Thetford 36663 - RV Toilet Seal Lubricant And Conditioner - 24 Oz

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The Thetford 36663 is non-petroleum toilet seal lubricant and conditioner that is a silicone-based formula that penetrates and coats your toilet seal for smooth operation.Works with all permanent or portable RV or marine toilets.Saves money by increasing the life of your toilet seals and valves.Improves performance by lubricating your entire RV sanitation system.Penetrates and coats seals for smooth toilet operation.Petroleum-free lubricant prevents rubber seals from swelling.Silicone-based formula helps prevent sticking.Use throughout the season.Most effective at the beginning of the season, twice in the middle, and end of the season.One 24 oz bottle lasts an entire season (6 oz used at a rate of 4 times per season).Do not store in freezing temperatures or below (32-degrees Fahrenheit / 0-degrees Celsius).Weight: 1 lb.How To Use:- For normal use, pour 1/4 of the bottle in your toilet and let stand. Do not flush for at least 8 hours. Then use the toilet as normal.- The longer you let the lubricant stand, generally the better the results.


Brand Thetford
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